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miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2020

Thanks to life by Violeta Parra

Song composed and performed by the chilean Violeta Parra, which is one of the maxims or perhaps the most important exponent of Chilean folklore and Latin American music.

Gracias a la vida is part of the album "Últimas compositions" produced in 1966, being Parra's last material and considered, by Rolling Stone magazine, the best Chilean album of all time.

The melody of charango and percussion, accompanied by a nostalgic voice of Violeta, conveys a feeling of empathy with the author, singing to life that gave her so much and then, going into detail she even thanks for the alphabet.

A woman who made power with words, which transcended borders, words with which she could sing her Chilean folklore, of which she was always proud;

"Thanks to life, which has given me so much

has given me the sound and the alphabet

with him the words that I think and declare

mother, friend, brother, and light shining

the path of the soul of the one I am loving ”.

This piece has six stanzas, in each one he is grateful for her gifts, sight, hearing, language, walking, heart and finally, in the last stanza she is grateful for her laughter and crying, inspiration for all her art, as it declares "the two materials that make up my song."

In Gracias a la vida, Violeta gives us a prayer of gratitude and what some consider, farewell, since the Chilean committed suicide a year after the release of this song, the mere name of the album was already a sentence of resignation to the composition , which took place with the death of Queen Midas herself of Chilean folklore. Someone later declared "a kind of advanced epitaph, an album of songs as intense and contradictory as her life."

Violeta Parra herself would declare at some point: “I think that the most beautiful songs, the most mature (forgive me for called beautiful songs that I did, but what do you want?, I am Huasa, and I say things simply as I feel them), are Thanks to Life, Back at 17 and Run Run went to the North ”.

This song has been performed by many people after Violeta's death, to honor her and thus immortalize the search engine with a guitar, who put into songs her feeling, her desire to find what she was missing.

“One day (Violeta Parra) told me:

"I'm missing something ... I don't know what it is." I look for it and I can't find it ... Surely I will never find it ”.

Violeta Parra to Tito Mundt.

Gracias a la vida is considered one of the most important songs in the Spanish language in addition to being classified as a humanist hymn.

Thank you to the life, that gave us to Violeta Parra!

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