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miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2020



the night sky with its starry sky,

presumes its beauty,

covers you,

it is the protection you need,

it changes with the walk of the sun,

don't be afraid to change.

But don't miss what you see

that will return to your eyes ...

is the cycle, the spiral,

It is the cycle that does not end.

Happy Girl who lives in the mountains,


without fear,

daytime soul,

how ironic that you love the moon,

the obsession mystery,

for the darkness that is offered to you

like unexplored woods,

that darkness of the night,

feminine and wild,

abstract woman who teaches you without speaking,

jealousy of the sun and the moon,

that only with their light it can look at you.

The night sky is your blanket

Girl barefoot,

that covers you while the darkness sings to you,

listen carefully,

it is an ignored language ...

listen with your soul ...

Happy Girl that you have a soul,

courage and voice to shout,

follow the spiral, Chinita,

dance when walking,

vibrate and this will not end,

vibrate and make your light

to illuminate the mountain,

that already had a lot of darkness,

because you are a daytime soul,

don't get used to the night too much.

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