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domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2020


I don't want simple things
I don't want simple songs
no simple lyrics,
but at the same time that is so simple.

Simply simple,
when it comes from the soul,
How much have we lost from that?

Come back to me, oh great Magic,
come back to me, age of prodigies,
Where are those who sing free?
With simplicity to greatness.

Where is the magic that characterized us?
Creation was not forced,
the art on the skin,
emanating legacies that were to be lost,
why are we stunned?
of lies and false tales.

Do not strain, that comes for itself,
simple, simple, simple,
I want to find that greatness,
in the simple things,
in the simply,
I marvel when I look at it,
they come to me from time to time...

Simple mortals, humans creating.

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